One of the hardest Ministries will be the Ministry of Home Affairs.  If any Minister can bring about needed changes it is new Minister Kareem Musa.

At a brief media briefing, Minister Musa said the focus of his new police policy will be on engaging the policy to focus on community policing.  The kind of frequent incidences of police brutality and unprofessional behaviour towards citizens will not be tolerated.

The hated GSU will be “rebranded.”

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams will remain in his post.  He shifted gears and for the first time in his one thousand and one appearances admitted to GSU excesses.  His words: “In the past the GSU behaved like animals.”

Although in the past the Commissioner described every captured TV image of GSU choking citizens, kicking persons who are on the ground, stomping on citizens in the back of their pickup vehicles and generally conducting the most lawless and unprofessional treatment ever experienced in Belize.  No one has been held accountable, no one demoted, no one sent home.  None of the animals have been caged.

The new Minister will have to look at INDECOM, an effective oversight procedure put in place in Jamaica.  He may also wish to be advised on appointing a Citizens Complaint Committee.  Police cannot investigate themselves.  Professional Standards Bureau is ineffective.  

The Commissioner needs to be taken out of the police examinations and the promotions of police.  Needed is fairness and transparency.

The Police Training school needs urgent review.  Who are the trainers, what is being taught to recruit police?

The widespread police surveillance of citizens at Special Branch needs to be ended and a written policy put in place.  The Police need to be instructed to return all cell phones, vehicles and licensed firearms which they continue to hold unlawfully from citizens based on spite and malice.

We could go on…

The Prison also comes under Minister Kareem.  There is a place, totally, we mean completely neglected by the previous government.  A new oversight Board is a must, and parole procedures need a change.

Prisoners need skills training and should be utilized to build low-cost houses for the army of Belizeans living in deplorable conditions.

There is much work to be done.


There was a man named Caesar, Julius Caesar.  There was a man named Shakespeare. William Shakespeare.  The greatest writer in the English language.  He paid tribute to Caesar, the Roman general, who in history, around 60 BC helped shape the Roman Empire.

In an era of fiscal austerity, how does an energetic, go-get-it-done Minister succeed?  New administrative thinking and creativity and an effective management structure at the Ministry and department level is needed.

For infrastructure, i.e public works, this is the time to follow the George Price way.  The ministry is to own their own equipment and build for themselves.  We cannot afford monster contracts anymore.  

In housing, creativity and affordability is key.  In Belize City planning and re-planning.  We must de-densify overcrowded yards and neighbourhoods.

 “Building (in the words of George Price) is a task for giants, the little people (Barrow, Faber, Finnegan, et al) have tried and turned away”.

Actually, they didn’t bother to try.  They built no houses.

In an interview on Channel5 on 16th November Minister Julius said:- “the report we got from the Ministry of Housing is that they have not been doing anything for the last ten to eleven years and it is in the letter sent to us.  They are in chaos.  They are totally disorganised and nothing has been achieved.  And that has been put in writing.”

How could Dean Barrow for ten years send millions of dollars to his flunky friend Finnegan who takes these public monies and pay dozens of “employees” from his constituency, for building no houses and doing no work?

This cannot go like that.  There must be an investigation.  This is fraud and embezzlement and crookery.  Auditor General please investigate.


Under the Constitution of Belize the Prime Minister informs the Governor General as to whom the government will utilise as Chief Executive Officers.  Many names have been suggested to the Prime Minister.

Among those names are Narda Garcia and Amalia Mai, two hard-working, dedicated, loyal and competent persons with experience in public service matters.

Amalia worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was an Ambassador.  Among her many stellar accomplishments were her negotiations which resulted in the Cuban Government making available to Belizeans dozens of doctors and hundreds of nurses.

Amalia was also instrumental in getting two small housing factories which allowed thousands of Belizeans to obtain affordable “cubel’ houses.  The UDP had launched a vicious attack against this project, as they do with anything beneficial by the PUP.

Amalia will make an excellent Chief Executive Officer.

Narda Garcia is also among the persons being proposed to serve the government as C.E.O.

Narda is a graduate of the University of the West Indies, the same University attended by Dean Barrow, Wilfred Elrington, Carolyn Sandiford, Anthony Sylvestre, Kareem Musa and many outstanding Belizeans.

She was previously the C.E.O. for Social Security Board, where she served with distinction, implementing many reforms and improvements which benefited all contributors to Social Security.

During Narda’s outstanding tenure, the UDP attacked a successful mortgage program in which Cabinet implemented a policy where SSB would purchase local housing from Credit Unions, Building Societies and lending institutions.  These mortgages were then packaged and sold to a bank in Trinidad.  The revenues were then reapplied to government to finance building more affordable houses for Belizeans.

Literally thousands of Belizeans benefited from this program which Narda Garcia administered with professionalism and competence.

Needless to say, such a dynamic and beneficial program was attacked mercilessly by UDP, led by Barrow and Finnegan and some inside traitors of the PUP.  They started some incredible lies that monies were missing.  This was sheer nonsense as the Trinidad bank paid by international cheques which went straight to government accounts controlled by the Accountant General.

To prove the UDP were lying, Prime Minister Said Musa appointed a Senate Committee into the matter.  He appointed known UDP supporter Godwin Hulse to head the committee.  Public hearings broadcast countrywide were held.  It was found that one mortgage from a building society did not have enough collateral.

That has nothing to do with Narda Garcia who attended the Committee and answered all the questions requested.

The campaign of hatred against Narda was conducted principally by Dean Barrow who wrote mostly things in the UDP newspaper against her.

This week Narda’s name was proposed as a potential C.E.O. in the new government. Immediately the hate crew were cranked against her. Slimy characters like Alberto August were quick to vent their hatred and spew lies.  There are also some good persons who are concerned but do not know the facts.

The facts are that Narda Garcia is a good, highly competent, and wonderful person.  There is no suggestion, no facts whatsoever, of any irregularity connected to her.  It was a dirty lie that monies were missing and it is a low down malicious lie now to say that against her.

We must all stand up for persons whose character becomes political football.  We must not let false information overcome the truth.  The new government should not allow haters with political agendas to influence policy.  Today it is Narda Garcia, tomorrow it will be another innocent Belizean.