Thrive, Not Just Survive!.


The first few days of the new Belizean government have brought forth alarming revelations.  The reports coming out of the Ministry of Finance show that the previous administration borrowed 1 million daily for salaries to keep afloat.  Investigations have unearthed that in fact Net Vasquez had been fleecing the BTL coffers and swiping the credit cards like a mad man.  The damages are in excess of 850k.

The new Cabinet has met and been briefed on several pressing issues which include the status reports on the flooding that now affects several parts of the country and the ongoing pandemic.

The Hol Chan Reserve has equally been ransacked and cannot meet payroll.

There is rampant unemployment which has worsened the malnutrition rates among the most vulnerable of our children.  NEMO has already been activated in certain areas and stands ready to assist.  The Prime Minister, Members of Cabinet and the House of Representatives are even now visiting and rendering assistance where needed.

Even through these tough times the PUP Area Reps are actively engaged with their constituents.  There will be new plans to address and deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.  The Cabinet under the leadership of PM Hon. John Briceño will meet all these challenges head on.  The working policies of Plan Belize will soon begin to be felt as they roll out.  The PUP team is focused on revitalizing the economy through tourism and agriculture.  The plans for Housing will benefit thousands.   The streamlining of government processes through E-Governance will ensure efficiency and transparency.  The Government of Belize will continue to function uninterrupted.

The People of Belize will thrive not just survive under this new administration.  We must have faith in our newly elected leaders that despite these new challenges, Belizeans together will overcome and once again prosper.