CONGRATULATIONS on the 85th Anniversary


“Belize Public Libraries: Transforming, enriching and uplifting communities since 1935”

“We have to make the investments to make sure that our young people have access to the technology they need. The Internet is like water. They consume so much of it, every day. It is like the lifeblood of their existence. We have to make it available because that is how our young people are accessing reading and accessing knowledge. We have to accommodate them.” – Francis Fonseca, Minister of Education, Culture, Science & Technology (December 2, 2020)

In the age of quick and super-fast technology, the idea of books hoarded on shelves in rows may be as passé as audiotapes, and the typewriter. What is not and will never go away is the sheer imagination and soul-absorbing sensation of a good read. When one immerses herself/himself into reading there are no limits.

Belize can only gain by having a functioning library system with the young and the younger making use of the resources that the Fonseca-led Ministry of Education, Culture and Technology is intent on supporting financially with the people’s funds. Everyone can support this.

Schools are our main channel for the educating of our people but libraries might be the main channel people use to educate themselves. It is all voluntary; those who want can learn. Up to now, in Belize, the library services are free of cost. Everyone should take advantage.

Yes, the coronavirus has attempted to subvert the library, as well, but we can challenge that. The library is open and defying the coronavirus. Find out what are the protocols the library has in order to provide, in unrelenting fashion, the dispensing of its services.

Visit them and read more in this their 85th year of existence.