Everybody Wins at 13th National Assembly

“Guarantee the equitable participation of women in leadership and governance” -Women’s Agenda planBelize

“Infrastructure is not just a matter of roads, schools and power grids. It is equally a question of strengthening democratic governance and the rule of law. Without accountability, not only of the government to its people but of the people to each other, there is no hope for a viable democratic state.” – Ban Ki-moon UN Secretary General

The former UN Secretary General’s wise words were placed at the beginning of the ‘Governance Agenda’ planBelize summary. As Belize’s new government led by the People’s United Party confidently moves ahead caressing the gargantuan mandate bestowed unto them by the people, planBelize is being executed with a preciseness that awe the savvy, gets meaningful discussion from the masses, and irks what is left of the deplorable UDP.

Let’s attempt to forget the latter as we lionize the Senate appointments of our John Briceño-led government. The diversity and inclusivity goes way beyond the best of planBelize and again points to a Belizean future far from the darkest of shadows of the last 13years. Let’s do our best to get rid of them and even their despised shadows.

‘A diverse Senate (in age, culture, et al) will bring diverse viewpoints and perspectives; these elements can help innovate as they pass bills to cater to a Belize thirsty for change’-words molded from a statement found online.

The new Senators will be sworn-in on Friday December 11 at the Inaugural Sitting of the13th National Assembly that will convene marking the official beginning of the planBelize Administration 2020-2025.

The irrefutable experience and world class expertise of the Hon. Eamon Courtney will share the government side with returning career nurse and educator Hon. Elizabeth Bennet, MScN (Edu), BScN (Admin- HONS), RN; returning as Senator Collet Montejo who served as assistant Secretary General for the PUP these last few years; New comers, Erica Jang, President of the United Women’s Group; Bevin Cal, popular Party activist from Toledo; and Christopher Coye, touted as an economic czar during the inception of the Covid relief in April 2020. In the upcoming issue(s), we will highlight their more detailed biographies.

As could be seen at the front, the women in the Senate are accompanied by the new President of the Senate, Mrs. Carolyn Trench-Sandiford. Her work in the Belizean sphere is extensive and allows for impartiality that is needed at that lead position in Belize’s Senate. PlanBelize address many changes to the senate and these will be executed in due time.

The House of Representative sittings will be carried in an impartial manner as well with former Senator Mrs. Valerie Woods who will be sworn-in as well come Friday morning at the historic outdoor inaugural event.

Everyone will be able to witness this Inaugural Sitting and savour a bit of who and what we all voted for. Belize is in for a treat with development for the immediate and distant future imminent. The proof of planBelize’s success will come with time as we all together win as we live in a Belize working for everyone.

Tourism Fiasco

and with Overpaid CEO


This is nothing short of Barrow disrespecting the electorate. They got rid of all of his UDP in droves including the Tourism Minister and the corruption-infested UDP. Barrow is to Bevans and Bradley is to Miller. Both Barrow and Bradley are at the helm when these last-minute contracts are issued knowing full well the Belizean people will vote against it. Bradley and Barrow and their leftovers got kicked out but they smirk as they have saddled the people with these unwanted people and their obscene contracts.

250k a year…Needs some explaining. Faber? No time for shadowing this one either?

One year after the Miller case, Barrow has reared his ugly head to defend the corruption in his past incompetent government’s issuing of obscene last-minute contracts. In a letter sent to Prime Minister for BTB CEO Karen Bevans, there is a demand for retraction within two weeks of letter. The PM was to retract words that caused “injury to her reputation and feelings.” Imagine even as Tourism spent 12 million dollars in Visitor Centers no one will visit. This is Tourism Heredia’s version of Imer.

Highfalutin CEO Bevans has been marred countless times by the handling of the Tourism Department. The Minister, Heredia, did not help. But then, she accepted him or else she could have resigned. Like the rest of the UDP, the BTB was a center of mismanagement and deceit with Bevans at the helm. Deceit since Tourism was made to seem like a Ministry that could do no wrong. It was just the opposite.

In March, when the World Health Organization had just about announced a pandemic, this government department releases about half of its employees. San Pedro branch had mass firings as well. It was obvious that the pandemic was the perfect excuse. It would have been befitting that such large scale firings would have been followed by a CEO Bevans resignation.


Horrid dancer and barefaced exMinister Heredia obviously backed by the Master of Incompetence saw it fit to honour Bevans with a five-year contract with all the obscene trimmings. This 250k per annum is a pointed insult to the Country reeling and hungry. The SUV bought for her as CEO a few months ago pales before the Miller type contract.

During all of this, 12 million is spent on nonsense. Montero’s brother gets 8 million for 3 useless Tourist visitor centers–talk about waste and a definite RED flag for corruption at the highest.

The question is “why was Bevans rewarded with that contract?” Were there other directors at the BTB on a similar Miller-style contract and laughing at the Belizean people?

Statement on Pro-Good Governance and Anti-Corruption

Hon. John Briceño

Prime Minister

Today, as across the world countries and governments celebrate Anti-Corruption Day, I take this opportunity to reiterate my unwavering commitment, and that of my government, to fight corruption wherever it is found, in government or out.

My People’s United Party was elected on November 11th with the most overwhelming mandate in Belize’s political history. It was a victory for the people of Belize, and a message to the outgoing administration that corruption would no longer be tolerated. Indeed, brazen, sickening corruption had become the order of the day, and over the past decade had infiltrated every government Ministry and Department.

We have made a covenant with the people that no longer will corruption be tolerated as an inherent part of politics. Already we have put structures in place where before there was none. We have commenced investigations in Ministries where public monies and public trust were raped and ravaged. The preliminary findings are shocking, worse than even we could have anticipated, and those will be made available to Belizeans very soon.