Economic Recovery as planBelize rolls out


 “As we get ready to mark the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, I ask to have, upper most in our minds, those among us that who are most in need. Let us open our hearts and those of us that have share with those who have-not.

I still believe that our best days are ahead of us. I believe in our collective determination to be our best selves and yes, I am convinced that together and with the guidance of our creator we will build a Belize that will work for everyone.” –PM John Briceño

The People’s United Party-led government is unrelenting in its battle to sanitize the UDP-infected economy as well as to ending the coronavirus’ surge all over the country. We all know that planBelize has a broad economic agenda and it is PM Briceño’s guide as, daily, he navigates relentlessly with every Belizean considered and accounted for. Still, the ever-present goal is the unwavering quest to build a Belize that works for everyone.

With that in mind and heart, an Economic Recovery Task force has been assembled by the planBelize cabinet. Together, they are a veritable Belizean economic dream team given a Prime Ministerial-level mandate to draw up a detailed plan with recommendations that would undo ALL the torture Belize took from the Barrow/Faber UDP. Additionally, PM Briceño is feeling for the starting blocks that would propel Belize into being a regional powerhouse with a view to make Belize the poster country of economic recovery and eventual financial grandeur.

In the meantime, our Human Development Ministry, in the able hands of the Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia, has rehashed the Barrow/Faber’s politically contaminated pantry to the new ‘GroceryBag’ program that will see our most needy getting their most necessary food items. Piggybacking with goodwill on the data will be the new Covid Cash transfer program.

The most difficult part of said rehashing with less than a month in hand was the sanitizing of the existing list to remove literal fakes and double dippers from getting their criminal hands on public money. The cleaning is ongoing in real time. The program had to be reopened as the REAL needy have been cornered by the cataclysmic Covid-19 and the 13 years-corrupt UDP. The former was here only since March 2020. The latter despots have been here since February 2008. But now only the ruins are left behind of the extinct UDP. All Belizeans now need to push ahead: work hard, study, sanitize, wear your mask as often as is necessary. We are waking up from a true nightmare called the Barrow/Faber government to a new era with John Briceño leading us to reap our winnings. GANAMOS todos…