Dear Editor,

I need to voice this about the ‘AIRPORT LINK ROAD’ now ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER.

For over two weeks, I have been wading in water to get to my home here in Sunset Park.  While I understand the flooding situation, I cannot fathom the fact that our flooding situation has gotten much worse since the construction of the John Smith Airport Bypass.  Our community was incorporated in 2010 and it was not until this construction that we have seen these unprecedented flooding. Someone has to be held accountable.

Our property values are falling and the damage to our vehicles and properties are mounting. We demand to know who were the engineers that drew up the plans for the John Smith Bypass.  Where was the Department of the Environment? What was the role the Chief Engineer at the Ministry of Works played in this project?  Who were the Consultants? Who funded this project and what was their level of oversight?

As a community to say that we are frustrated, upset, disappointed is an understatement.  We demand answers and someone or some entity must be brought to account and we demand immediate rectification of this situation.  While we are making these demands we are cognizant of the fact that the New Administration in government can in no way be held accountable for the massive stupidity and hustling of the previous UDP administration.

On November 11 we voted them out en masse. We trust that a complete investigation will be conducted by the Hon. Julius Espat and the technical people at the Ministry of Works and ensure that those who went to sleep at the wheel will be held accountable.  Our suffering here has so little to do with nature and so much with incompetence and greed.


Sunset Park Resident