Message by Prime Minister Hon. John Briceño


November 29, 2020

Hi Everybody

Last week, I told you about the state of our nation’s economy and government’s finances. Recall I told you that what we found after 11th November was that government was borrowing a million dollars a day just to keep the government functioning. I also told you that we could not find a coherent plan to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Since then, we have rolled out a plan to fight the pandemic. And, it includes all of us working together so that we can slow down the spread of the virus.

Already, too many Belizeans have died and too many are being infected every day. We have to turn this around. This is why we have instituted a night-time curfew, increased testing, and putting in stricter measures to keep us from infecting one other.

Now, I know these measures are not easy, especially at Christmas time, but we all need to do our part if we are to win this battle with this pandemic.

Like the rest of the world, we too are hoping that a vaccine will be ready soon. But in the meantime, what we have are these manageable rules.

  1. Wear your Facemask properly whenever you have to leave you home
  2. Wash your hands regularly. This. we call good hygiene.
  3. Stay six feet apart. This, we call physical distancing.

If we do these things we stop the virus from spreading to your family and friends.

One last thing, I have been in isolation for days now. It is not easy to be separated from my family. This is just one of the consequences of catching the virus. But I am lucky, see, I am asymptomatic. But I have friends and colleagues that are not. I know people who have suffered greatly and I know people who have died.

We have to take this seriously but we can also learn lessons. Those who exercise regularly and try to eat healthy fare better than those who don’t. Let us try to live healthier lifestyles. And let us always care for each other.

I continue to work from home where isolation will continue until the doctors say I am free to return to work. But even then, I will do so mindful of the new regulations which include working from home whenever possible and keeping up with the three important practices of wearing a facemask in public, frequent handwashing, and six feet physical distancing.

Together we can win this war against Covid-19. I know we can, and we will.

Thanks, God Bless, and have a safe week.