Patrick Faber to Request Peyrefitte Back on Saturday Nights?


It seems now we need to take Barrow’s advice and cut off corruption whenever it rears its ugly head. There goes Mr. Concesssion again without a confession. He still wants the oversight committee, and now he also wants the ‘Asks the Experts.’

‘No respect for the electorate’, as Faber does not comprehend that the Belizean people voted ALL of that put. They voted out all corruption and everything Dean Barrow and Patrick Faber stand for. By some electoral mishap, Collet voted for Faber. that is a sad misgiving.

What next will Faber request? Peyrefitte..?

Faber has NO answer and no plan to address Covid all he wants is to see how he can show himself out there.

Open the oversight/Ask the Experts…is his innovative call. All that is nostalgia of a past corrupted and incompetent UDP Barrow/Faber government that he still does not really concede is gone into the annals of UDP infamy.

We may remember an Eddie Murphy Wall street-based movie where a character shouted, “Turn on the Machines.”

It’s over Faber. Your bid to be Prime Minister is now dust. You don’t even have a Party anymore. You have never been a leader and never will.

Just for kicks… what has Patrick Faber ever led?

Concede Faber…stop lying here there and everywhere. Allow yourself to be led by a true Prime Minister.  Remember a true concession is a confession of your past UDP ills.

We are waiting for it Faber. And a true confession will be followed by your resignation.

If there is anything your UDP still has coming for them is guilt. In a sense, your 2008 to 2020 stint is not over, you have the music left to face. Now there you can ask yourself, will the PUP-led government of the people have any over sight? No…nothing will be over looked.

We so remember that National Sports Council has lots more years to audit…unfortunately for Faber.