Person of the Year 2020



People queue to enter a polling station to cast their vote during the election for new prime minister, in Benque Viejo del Carmen, Belize on 11 Nov. 2020. -Photo: Reuters/Donald Sandoval

The people of Belize qualify for this award from the Belize Times. During this pandemic, you have withstood the worse that life can throw out. This 2,020th year has been probably the worse of our lives and the UDP succeeded in making it worse than it could have been.

The mark of a democratic and resilient people shone like a diamond on November 11 when social distanced, sanitized, masked, and determined Belizeans came out in record thus historic numbers to exercise their inalienable right to universal adult suffrage as prescribed by the mighty Constitution of Belize.

The People of Belize voted against rampant corruption and gross incompetence.

The People of Belize voted for hope, for planBelize, for the People’s United Party, for a Belize that should work for everyone.

Todos Ganamos…