It is one month, one day after the historic turn out of Belizeans (80 odd percent of voters) in a massive rejection of Dean Barrow and his incompetent and corrupt government.

Thousands of Belizeans in Corozal and Orange Walk voted the same way their brothers and sisters in Stann Creek and Toledo voted.  Like-wise the patriots in Cayo voted like patriots in Belize District and the Cayes.

Belize City deserves special mention and commendation.  Considered the home of the creole population, and a stronghold of the UDP, it was like emancipation day.  They broke the chains of economic slavery, said to hell with the bribery and election manipulation and overthrew their oppressors.

When the dust settled Dean Barrow’s legacy was shattered.  The political con artist of the decade who presided over the cess-pools and hot-beds of corruption, which condemned poor people to a life of misery and our young citizens to decades of poverty and deprivation – was vanquished.

Three UDP politicians survived in Belize City, well make that two and a half.  Sista B is a sick joke.  A walking reminder of years of allegations of padding voters lists with persons who never lived in the area, of giving out monies that don’t belong to her.  We have heard from young Allan Pollard of his experience in Queens Square.  We have seen the voters lists and addresses where “14” persons live in one home where they never saw the inside. We know most of them and where they actually live.  There is a proxy list of over two hundred voters.  If it is true Sisa bogus got possession of it and then handpicked proxies, there should be a criminal investigation.

Tracy Panton put a wooden extension on her parent’s home on Regent Street and then put fifty two voters on the voters list.

Francisco Zuniga, the election official who has been in Queen’s Square longer than most of the young voters have lived on this earth, has been long retired and still working at the elections offices, rehired, rehired, rehired and rehired in clear violation of the retirement law of the country.  He and the Chief Elections Officer, who admitted in a Supreme Court trial that she opened ballot boxes from San Pedro, an unlawful act and a sacrilege.

They are still in their jobs, a little uncomfortable but not fearful of retribution.  Because, Johnny Briceño is not a mean, petty, malicious person like Dean Barrow.

Which brings us to the man who is our new Prime Minister. In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the Most Merciful, may his decisions and his actions be pure and wise.  May he, in the name of God, guide our people to peace, safety and prosperity?

A person called the new Prime Minister a few evenings ago.  The number was busy.  But Wow! by 8:00 o’clock that very night the call was returned.  The voice of the Prime Minister was not, why am I being disturbed or, I am very busy, what is it you want? It was the same jovial, willing to listen Johnny that the person knew.

One month after becoming Prime Minister, Johnny remains the same person he has always been.  He has not forgotten all those who have helped him to become the leader of our nation.  That speaks volume for him.  He is a genuine human being.  The outgoing, gone Prime Minister was a machine.  A cold piece of metal – no heart, no soul, no love for people.

Not one single day, not at any press conference, any House meeting has the former Prime Minister ever, we mean never, never able to say he reduced poverty.  Not even by one percent.  For twelve long years and nine more months, while Mr. Barrow became rotten rich, thousands of Belizeans became poor.  On Southside Belize City, where the people supported UDP, election after election, they were rewarded with a deeper level of poverty.  Forced to eat fifty cents ramen—modern type of paper manufactured into noodles with no nutritional value.  Just crazy, insane.

Johnny shared with the caller, how could the former Prime Minister spend twenty five million  on a government building by Chetumal Street Bridge in poverty stricken Martin De Porres and not do anything to improve the KHMH.

Johnny was distraught, saddened.  As we all should be.  Our country is in a bad shape, on the verge of ruin.  Everywhere in every Ministry, the situation is dread.  Belizeans changed government in the nick of time.  We were on the verge of becoming a failed state.  We owe billions of dollars.  Our economy is on its back.  Our social fabric is torn and tattered.  Our people need all the encouragement and help they can get.

Many persons prayed for deliverance from the ruin that befallen Belize.  Their prayers were answered.

With patience and hard work and some sacrifice we shall overcome.  And Johnny, full of energy, and hope and determination, along with the dynamic team he has assembled, is just the leader to get it done.


Not too far from St. Ignatius Church, on Basra Street, two police in military uniform had a young man pinned to the police vehicle.  One of them was scrolling through his cell phone.

Time 8:50 a.m. Date Friday December 11th, 2020

On the same Friday night around 8:00 p.m. on Coney Drive, three young men were lined up against a police vehicle.  One police were taking their picture with his cell phone.

Last Sunday morning, on a street not far Divine Mercy Catholic Church, police had a young man against their vehicle.  We drove slowly watching.  They took away his identification card and was taking pictures of it.

We asked two Senior Police yesterday, what with the ongoing picture taking of young people.  They individually on different days said the information is stored in the police data base.

What! that still going on.

On 27th December, 2019, on behalf of the Commissioner of Police, written instructions were issued to “All Regional Formation, Precinct and Unit Commanders”.

The instructions read:-

“With immediate effect, Police Officers on VCP’s are to ensure that whenever they stop and search vehicles in which a group of persons are travelling, a full description and photograph of the vehicle is taken and documented.  Likewise, all particulars and photographs of occupants in the vehicle gotten.  These must be placed on your respective WhatsApp blog.”

A massive police campaign of stop and search and writing down information and picture taking was unleashed on Belizeans.  It became disgusting and disruptive.  Public outcry ensued.  The media started asking questions and showing footage of public photographing vehicles and persons.

A Minister of Cabinet reported that Cabinet was advised by the Attorney General “that police should cease and desist from this practice”.  “Cabinet met on Tuesday and it seemed that the police officers have not gotten the memo because this morning police officers were caught on camera taking down the names of two men and photographing them”.

The police toned down their behavior, but never stopped it.

That was December, 2019.

Here we are December, 2020.

Just a few weeks ago Commissioner of Police at a press briefing with his Minister said of the GSU”…the past some of them behaved like animals”.  This is harsh criticism.  But it is true. It came in the midst of concern that the new government would disband the GSU.

The GSU, Gang Suppression Unit, was formed to deal with the gang problem.  All the years of wanton brutality and illegal behavior by GSU has not resulted in a single gang being dismantled.

The GSU represents the worst elements of our much needed police officers.  GSU have broken every law, every rule that governs police conduct.  They have broken into homes, broke up furniture and personal items, pointed their guns in the faces of grandmothers, and at breastfeeding women.  They have choked, slapped, punched, kicked and stomped the young men of this city and country.  They rough up women too.  They plant evidence, they all copy each other’s statements and they lie in court.  We won’t bring up accusations of the murder of four young men on George and Dean Street.

GSU are not good people. They operate just like the criminal gangs they were supposed to keep in check.

On Tuesday 15th December, in the Year of Our Lord 2020, the Commissioner of Police, a most diligent fighter against those in violation of Covid restrictions announced he was forming a task force to focus on the recalcitrants.  The task force would include the GSU.  Yes! you read correctly.  The animals are back.  Can’t keep the bad guys down.

We are, with the greatest of respect asking our brother the Minister of Police not to allow the GSU to be rehabilitated.  Let them hand in their uniforms and be reposted.

Nuff said.


In the middle of all our economic woes, the Covid pandemic and the reemergence of the hated GSU, here comes the news that Santa will be on quarantine for the same period he was to visit Southside.

This rough.

Where is Mrs. Santa Claus.


An awesome sight is unfolding in our skies.  We noticed it two nights ago from as early as 5:45 p.m. There is a quarter moon and right above sits two bright planet close to each other.

We rushed to Starwatch.  Lo and behold the two big planets of Saturn and Jupiter will be so close to each other they will look like one big bright planet.

On 21st December they will become a conjunction.  The last time this happened was 2000 but was not so close because of cloudy skies.  Before that a conjunction occurred in 1623.  And before that it was around the time Jesus was born.

Scientist says it is possible the star of Bethlehem seen by the three wise men was a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.

Don’t miss it, each night it becomes brighter.


Be safe rather than sorry.

Wear your mask, wash your hands, keep unu distance.