The Police Service let down the people and country of Belize. For almost thirteen years the UDP government has raped our country. They squandered precious monies that could have given Belizeans an excellent health care system and effective hospitals as well as free, quality education up to Sixth Form level for all our young people.

What UDP did to the people of Belize, especially poor people whose living conditions has worsened. Belize is in a mess. All the indications and the regional and international institutions tell us this was so before Covid. Millions of dollars could have been saved if public officers had leaked out or spoken out against the stealing and corruption which was so rampant and blatant.

We know that there are many good, decent public officers. Indeed the vast majority of public officers were good people and good employees.

But those who knew what was happening and said or leaked out no information should feel ashamed of themselves. We also know there were public officers who assisted and facilitated the criminal activities of the UDP politicians and cronies. We hope there is evidence against them and Ministers who they helped, so they can be an example.

In the wanton sale of government vehicles for a pittance, this could never have happened without the suspicion, the involvement and complicity of choice public officers. How could the good top-of-the-line vehicle used by a Minister, one day it has blue government license plate, the next day it has white license plate?

No one in the Ministry of Finance, Accountant General Office, or the various Transport offices, notices how government vehicles were being sold off, and computers and furniture too.

Have they sold the helicopters and drug planes? To whom and for how much?

And what is the story behind the huge boat with three engines which turned up at the Met Department by the airport. And is rehired Cumberbatch, still the re-employed Head of Department, in violation of the law?

We should ask the Public Service Union, what type of membership they have. No member alerted you guys to what was happening? If they didn’t, why not? And if they did, why did you sit on the information.

Belize is now in a mess. It didn’t happen by chance, it didn’t happen overnight. The systematic plunder of our monies, lands and resources was not just criminal, it was a sin. An unforgivable sin.

May it never happen again?


We were shocked and in awe to hear on the television that there was an extra judicial murder by the police.

This was a Tuesday morning around 6:00 a.m. The Host of Plus TV Pastor Luis Wade and guest by zoom/skype the indomitable, Arthur Saldivar somewhere in North America. It was a repeat program and the discussion was already underway when we received a phone call to check channel 59.

Pastor Wade was going through the recently concluded trial of police officer Michelle Brown, acquitted of murder last Friday by Belize’s best trial judge, Honourable Colin Williams.

The good Pastor was expressing his disbelief that the police and prosecution could fail to establish a credible case, in the situation where a vehicle crashed moments after a shot was heard. Two persons had to be assisted out of the vehicle, Fareed Ahmad and front seat passenger Police Brown.

Brown was very quickly charged for murder. She told close relatives, another person had shot Fareed. This information remained unknown to the public until little more than two weeks ago.

During her testimony Brown, who was a member of one of the dozens of strange police units which have sprung up over the years and operated outside the law, dropped a bombshell in court by calling the name of a fellow officer as the assassin. She told the Judge, Fareed slowed the vehicle to turn around on the road and her fellow officer got in the back seat. The officer shot Fareed and then exited the vehicle. The vehicle sped up but crashed a few minutes thereafter.

Brown not only called the name of the officer, she said whilst in hospital a Hispanic person whom she also knew, as he worked at the Raccoon Street Police Station visited her and threatened her and her family if she talked.

There is credible information that officials from the US Embassy in Belize visited Brown in prison. If true this was not a courtesy call. This is intriguing. The Americans are blamed for having switched the training of our Police from the Caribbean to Latin countries like Salvador and Honduras. In those countries, their security forces operate outside the law. They have a long and ignoble history of human rights abuses, death squads and extra judicial killings.

Pastor Wade apologized for not being able to assign a reporter to attend the trial. He promised that the sensational murder of Fareed, a beloved community personality, and the botched investigation and prosecution would be followed up in the new year.

We wish to commend Pastor Wade for the stellar work he and Plus TV have been doing over the years.

We are disappointed in the main-stream media for missing this major story. Fareed died from brain damage when his vehicle crashed, but he crashed because, according to the autopsy he received two bullets which entered his jaw from the right side and exited on the left and were not fatal.

If Police Officer Brown did not shoot Fareed, then who did? If she was the shooter, why would she assassinate a man she didn’t know and why was she in his vehicle in the vicinity of his home at mile 17, late at night on 27th December, 2017.

Fareed’s brother was executed in the Philippines by security forces, thereafter Police Brown Special Assignment Team instigated surveillance of Fareed and searches of Fareed and his family and he was a constant target of stop and search and harassment by the “Special Assignment” Team.

Advice to Michelle Brown is to swim across the river to the USA and start a new life. You probably committed a breach of the Special Assignment’s omerta.


Can we change the drug trafficking law which requires that sixty grams of marijuana makes a person a drug trafficker whose punishment is mandatory 3 years imprisonment plus a fine of ten thousand dollars and if the ten grand is not paid, the person has to spend an extra three more years?

Crazy, for little amount of weed.


There was a Rasta man. He had read many books and was considered very wise. To those who knew better he was a very special human being, His mother was a humble young girl from the southside and his earthy dad was a carpenter.

He had a cousin who was really a Ras, with dreadlocks and who didn’t smoke or drink alcohol. Everyone called him John.

One day the Rastaman, who was considered the Christ (Christmas was named after him) was reasoning with a large gathering in a big open area. The crowd was learning new things and when dinnertime came they did not want to leave. So Christ, the Rasta man called for donations. Only a young boy had five pack bread and two fishes.

Christ looked up to heaven and asked the great one who rules the universe (Jah over all) to do a thing.

Everyone got something to eat, everyone. The Christ did not ask them to line-up at different shops. He and his disciples walked among the crowd and gave them food to eat.

No one was turned away because the Rastaman, known as Jesus, the Christ was all about love.

This is a kind of story of the first grocery bag—sort of.


Zee Edgel, beloved Belizean writer has passed from our planet. She wrote four novels: Beka Lamb, The Festival of San Joaquin, Time and the River, and In Times Like These.

Beka Lamb is her most famous work and it has, quite rightly, become required reading in most of our schools.

We mourn the passing of our great Belizean artist and offer our sincere condolences to her family.


Divine Mercy Church is a good-sized church. So is St John’s Cathedral and Wesley Church. There are others. We don’t see why only ten persons are allowed. More can be allowed to worship their God and gather strength and inspiration in our churches while still able to practice social distance, sanitize and wear masks.

Let there be light.