By Senator the Honorable, Isabel Guadalupe Bennett, MScN (Edu), BScN (Admin- HONS), RN

In my happy healthy senior years to come, God’s willing, I will remember the year 2020 as the Year of the Nurse, the year that I fell totally in love with politics, and the year I experienced the first pandemic of my life. The year 2020 should have come with all her flares and fancies. Instead, she arrived with intense grief and sorrow for many people all over the world. As the countdown begins, we must remain even more hopeful amidst this storm.

As the clock ticks over to a new year, we must continuously express unconditional love and support for each other as I believe it’s the most important message Covid-19 has brought to the human race. We must continuously speak of the joyful memories of 2020 because of the life experiences she has taught us even amidst the sorries.

We must continuously speak words of encouragement within our family setting, among our friends, co-workers and wherever we are planted. We must continuously speak a bright and prosperous future over our children and our country. We must surely remain optimistic for the beautiful opportunities that lie ahead. Why? For one reason and one reason only, “this too shall pass.”

God’s words are forever sure, so I say this is a great call for celebration and with family, friends, neighbours and even strangers. It’s a call to reconnect and to celebrate the coming of the rich bountiful blessings of the New Year 2021! Let’s make sure we each do our part to impact positively the life of another in words and actions.

Happy New Year to you and your family and may God use you to be a rich blessing wherever He has planted you!