UDP’s Mickey Mouse Pantry


Barrow slid into historical infamy as a confessed leader of a “hotbed of corruption” lands, “for God’s-sake-stop-it” Ministers, and a “politically contaminated” Pantry program. He and the non-apologetic extinct Faber oversaw the most corrupt of governments ever. The people saw that and the people slammed the UDP out. What the people did not see then is the internal raping of the government in a UDP systemic fashion.

Covid gave the UDP the vast opportunity to do everything that was wrong. Covid gave the UDP a whole new arena to corrupt. As is becoming easily believable now, the UDP corrupted everything that they could—name it and they found a way to corrupt it—from debate to lands to campaigning. The leftovers are now corrupting how to be in Opposition. Sad!!

Now, we see names of cartoon characters, Minnie, and Mickey, who were in the Pantry program. I would be upset as well if my favourite cartoon character was not in it; maybe, it was PUP. But seriously, this is criminal. When people are needy and suffering due to the ravages of the pandemic, the UDP found ways to further contaminate the Pantry program—attempting to consolidate votes.

Covid relief money that Barrow had said should last until March 2021 is done. They served it out at $1,500 dollars apiece to their favourite voters—now, we know these are in the terrible minority. Today, real need abounds and many Belizeans have formed lines to get to the front to NO deposit. Many filled out forms to no answer or false promises. All this suffering while a few just blinked and somehow money floated to them. The UDP were NOT even trying to be a government.

The UDP bought mandate and then they consumed it. They were money-hungry not even power-hungry.

November 11 night Faber falsely conceded. He tries to concede now that the UDP was corrupt. You were a part of it Faber. A real concession would be his immediate resignation and admittance that they defrauded the Belizean people and are not even worthy of being even in opposition since they have ZERO credibility and in the negative red for moral authority. Resign Faber.

Cabinet Brief(read the rest on Page 2)

“Cabinet approved $930,000 for a special December COVID-19 Relief Fund to be equitably distributed among 31 constituencies to assist disadvantaged Belizeans. The Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia, Minister of Human Development, Families and Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, informed Cabinet that funds for the Food Assistance Program (FAP) were completely depleted prior to the general elections leaving the Program substantially out of funds for the remainder of the financial year.

Additionally, Cabinet approved allocation of resources necessary to fund the FAP for December and agreed that the Minister of Finance along with the Minister of Human Development will examine the possibility of additional funding for continuation of the Program.”