Faber: “They politicizing everything”


The body politic chose via elections

Upon being sliced in the ego and beaten to the punch by the deportee at the first, albeit Special, Sitting of the House of Representatives of the Briceño administration, Faber was finally out of the starting gates, “Madame Speaker,(crying tone) please tell them to stop politicizing everything.” The leader of incompetence Faber was whimpering as he heard infamy after infamy revealed by Hon. Hyde, Hon. Espat, Hon. Bernard et al.

Faber was aghast and bewildered on the concept of informing the people. How dare the PUP tell the people what the UDP is guilty of.

The petty imposter for leader acknowledged that he will not defend the wrongs done by his past administration. What this dodo does not fathom is that asking the government to not reveal the facts is tantamount to defending the wrong.

Hon. Henry Charles Usher challenged Faber, “Will you(Member from Collet) defend the actors?”

The petty one went consent-filled silent…for a tad. All of these UDP actors were still real and present in the United Democratic Party. The most obvious problem on Patrick Faber is that he is devoid of any leadership pedigree. He leads no one and definitely NOT the UDP. For all intents Faber was not elected popularly on July 7. He was forced onto the UDP. To be fair, there was NO one on earth that wanted the post anyway. No one who cares for their identity wished to be marred by the sloven UDP.

Is BARROW still the Leader of the UDP? It would seem so. He was still texting his peeps. Not one of the parliamentarians voted for Faber in 2020. People in Collet might be thinking recall.

On paper, Barrow will never again be leader of the UDP. Even the lowest of UDP knows that the name Barrow, as confessed, was the leader of at least 1, hotbed of corruption. The people showed on November 11 that they knew that Barrow was leading a host of corrupt and incompetent Ministries and that they were all about UDP personal gain. The people were not being served.

Sista B left with her replacement for Queen Square and consequently left the people of Queen Square without a representative in the House for the first time in 13 years. It was due.

Shyne vomited some prepared lines and then had no more to say. He had shamed Faber by speaking before his ‘leader.’ All Shyne does is repeat PUP policies so that the people will get confused as to why the deportee is in the House.

Tracy she was out of breath. Her houses and offices are too full with voters not allowing for social distancing. Remember Faber, Tracy wanted to be leader when she was seeing all the spoils. But now, after the stunning defeat, her dreams have spoiled rancid. We know she will not have the stamina to last 5 years. After this, she will not be able to even buy elections.

Patt for his part displayed his 2.0 pedigree when he tried to make the country believe that his HOT bed of destruction really gave Roosevelt(not the New Deal but the corrupt deal) lands to distribute. So, from Nov 11 to this year, why were the 130 lots NOT given out yet?? Patt is stupid at arithmetic did you notice? Look at the tape, the boring part is Patt talking.