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No court can force a government to pay money it does not have.” Dean Barrow regarding litigation for the dismissal of Public Officers (2008).

The UDP should be ashamed for crying ‘wolf’.” PM Briceño

Much chatter is sputtering out from the lowly Opposition, the United Democratic Party, regarding the right decisions being made by the People’s United Party to fix the trail of destruction and the corrupt legacies left behind after the 2008-2020 Barrow/Faber reign of tyranny.

During a poco tiempo UDP mock press conference held on January 21, 2021 pretentious warnings and threats were hurled towards the PUP Government. Clearly, the attacks were “much ado about nothing.” One such attack was made by Freetown-battered, fence-scaling legal advocate for the UDP, Jerome Elrington. Elrington took issue with the laying off of some 60 bus terminal workers at the Transport Department. Elrington characterized the situation as both a moral and a legal breach and intends to sue the Government of Belize. As is his wont, he ended there as he stood on the quick sands of moral authority—gathered by his UDP during their 13 year reign of tyranny.

The political whippersnapper lacked any authority to speak on issues of morality and constitutionality, given UDP history of breach of such. The then Prime Minister Dean Barrow donned by Gasper Vega as Deputy, explained the UDP firings of PUPs in 2008 as “the inexorable law of politics” and “the inevitable consequence of a change of government.” At the time Barrow indicated that the UDPs that were in the wilderness for 10 years needed to catch a break. The echo of his abrasive, hubristic nature rings loudly in his verbal volley, ‘parson christen ih pickney first’. All this rhetoric was in defence of his execution of victimization policy learnt well by Patrick Faber et al.

Amongst the firings were the school wardens, many of whom were single mothers. The callous act of Patrick Faber the then Minister of Education of the Barrow administration was reminiscent of the political curse of the ‘95 Esquivel reign, the retrenchment of some 800 public officers. One of the person who was fired by Faber, under the Barrow reign of terror, was the wife of Charlie Good, the ex BDF soldier. When approached to reconsider his position, Faber heartless response to Mrs. Good was “you should have been gone from last year” and that “I cannot help you. I have my people to put in”. Seemingly, the injustice inflicted upon many Belizeans considered PUPs, through wanton firings under the UDP, was not a moral nor an illegal breach.

Throughout the three terms of UDP’s recession and incompetence, the public service had been used for political leverage and political pandering, the sole creator of employment in the attempt to hold unto power—the UDP raison d’ etre. Consequently, the wage bill ballooned to 540 million from 274 million in 2008 which was considered by the International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) as unsustainable. There were many inert, yet fully paid, workers—staunch UDPs of course.

Since taking up duties as Minister responsible for the Public Service, the Honourable Henry Charles Usher has unravelled many irregularities within the Public Service. There are instances where the scope of work in various departments did not justify the placement of many. Evidence have been forthcoming of “phantom” workers and many serving the personal interest of ministers at the cost of government. The existing irregularities are and have to be being dealt with by this PUP version of the Government of a Belize that is to work for everyone.

The Belizean economy is on life support and is need of desperate financing to stem the haemorrhaging. The bleeding out resulted from the lack of sound fiscal stewardship, incompetence and chronic acts of corruption under the RED. One of the conditions given to the Barrow Government, during the approach of General Election 2020, for Belize to access International financing was the trimming of the wage bill. That condition went unheeded and the PUP Government is left to address this thorny issue. However, the decisions being made by the PUP and Prime Minister John Briceno is not due to the “inexorable law of politics”  but the consequences of the change for a better government and by extension of the change that will allow for the realised mandated promise that “Everybody Fi Win.”


Peyrefitte Caught Misleading the Public

The UDP’s bulldog got caught in the mesh of UDP lies at the Special Sitting of the Senate this January 28. As has become the penchant of Faber, Peyrefitte, Barrow et al, they began to hurl lies at the Senate meeting. These lies began the very night of the Elections when Faber first started to BEG that his UDP’s corruption be overlooked by the Briceño administration. No Can do… If found guilty any and all UDPs will go to jail, there are no sacred cows.

Before this Senate meeting, the government was up to speed with the UDP mischief and sent out a release called, ‘GOB Advances Belize’s International Obligations’. In it they explained that Belize “apart from fulfilling Belize’s international obligations, “is to facilitate the possibility of a debt-for-conservation related transaction which has the potential to materially improve the state of the public finances.”

The United Democratic Party Senators could have went along and voted but the barking was imminent. The UDP was hurling innuendo and mystery over the reasons why the PUP would want to surprise the Belize people with the ratification of this Treaty.

But Peyrefitte was hit with the hardest of rocks. He curled his tailed as he got lashed by Senator for Government Business Hon. Eamon Courtney. Courtney lambasted the past Attorney General for being super disingenuous as he knew that the past Prime Minister had begun the process of the ratification of this Treaty in question. The past Attorney General participated in the then discussion with the PM. So, when the three UDP senators tried to bask in the sanctuary of their deception, at least two of them were deceived by the past Attorney General. The two were asking away why such a quick ratification. Even, they were deceived or so it seems. Salazar as usual didn’t have time to check out his Treaties.

Little did they know that the PUP government was bringing it out in the clear and doing the things the right way. The UDP started the process BUT then kicked the ratification down the road so that it would not receive the scrutiny of the General Elections. They did all this so that they would not look bad. Well the people of Belize did see that the UDP was corrupt and incompetent. The UDP kicked the can down the road much too far since February 2008. Now, Faber, Peyrefitte and company will try hard to hide their 2008-2013 infamy. They must pay their due to the full extent of the constitution and the law.


GOB Advances Belize’s International Obligations

Belmopan. January 27, 2021. 3:35 p.m.

The Government of Belize has submitted for consideration by the Senate at its meeting on Thursday, January 28, 2021, a resolution authorizing the ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards by Belize.

Having recognized this Convention in October of 1980, before Independence, and consenting to its continued applicability in September of 1982, Belize is one of only 33 countries that has failed to formally ratify the Agreement. Globally, as of August 2020, 162 member countries of the United Nations are active parties to this important Convention.

The purpose for which Government now sets about this formal ratification, apart from fulfilling Belize’s international obligations, is to facilitate the possibility of a debt-for-conservation related transaction which has the potential to materially improve the state of the public finances.

The Government points out that ratification by the Senate was in process before the November 11, 2020 General Elections. Noteworthy also, is that the Caribbean Court of Justice has recently declared in a judgement dated July 26, 2013, and reaffirmed in another judgement of November 22, 2017, that previous recognition and consent by the Government of Belize, both pre- and post-Independence, serves to effectively legitimize this UN Convention, notwithstanding the absence of the formal Senate Ratification.

So that there can be absolutely no questions regarding its purpose, the ratification to be considered by the Senate provides for reservations against retroactive application of the terms of the Convention.

Regularizing Belize’s membership to this vital Convention is consistent with international best practices, with the added benefit of assuring prospective investors, especially in the current, depressive economic conditions, that this Administration, as pledged repeatedly in its march to Belmopan, will abide by and advocate for the rule of law.

US Chargé Keith Gilges Commends Belize and the Ministry of Health

The colossal effort placed by the Belizean people to flatten our curve and to straightout twist it down has been subject of international congratulations. US Chargé d’Affaires in Belize, Keith Gilges, was pointed in giving credit to the Belizean people for sticking to the Ministry’s Health and Wellness’s SI backed Covid guidelines even if it took their altering of Christmas and New Year traditions.

On January 26, 2021 the Chargé commended Belize on its COVID-19 management strategies and the PUP Government and Health and Wellness Minister Michel Chebat in the effort to contain and reduce the rate of infection. In an interview with Channel 5 the Charge’ d’ Affaires, Keith Gilges said, “ I got briefed on the numbers here of active cases, of percent positive of test that are done. We have folks that call around to the hospitals to find out what sort of capacity issues they are having and it’s been a great relief how well Belize has done. I was worried about an uptick post-Christmas holiday, post-New Year’s holiday and it didn’t happen and Belize numbers are really good at this point. And I believe Belize has to be commended for the great job it has done and frankly for the willingness of the people of Belize to say public health matters and we are going to do the right thing “.

We don’t want people to relax. It is an adjustment of the measures,” PUP party Chairman.

Now, after massive increases in testing, Belize is seeing and feeling more and more hopeful with each passing day. The numbers are back under 300 actives and they are going down fast. Of course, number of infections and deaths will always be intolerable as long as it is greater than zero. The pain is equally jarring and obscene. But now, we have a general date in which vaccinations will be seen in Belize—early March is being touted. Vaccinations plus recovered immunities need to reach to as close to 100 percent as possible.  Science says that a country is truly Covid-free when 70 percent or more are in the immune category

The large majority of us have been keeping safe. Let us continue working with our new planBelize leadership. We will soon be able to accelerate our move to a Belize that truly works for everyone. Curfew is at 10pm, the Corozal Free Zone will be opened to 1000 jobs, the Churches will house 50 percent of possibly full occupancy. All this is due to us showing real care in following the guidelines.

We have the right to a covid-free life. Let’s continue listening to the Ministry of Health and Wellness to keep the curve going down.

We must wear our masks properly at all times.

We must wash our hands repeatedly.

We must get tested.

We must isolate and quarantine when advised by medical practitioners.

And, we are appealing to all to resist the temptation to gather in large numbers during the holidays.–Prime Minister John Briceño’s appeal is the same.

Million Dollar Building

UDP Deceiving BWSL and the People

So Imer does have some competition after all. The Belize Water and Sewage Limited is spending almost $1,000,000 in the building seen in the photograph. This building can be seen in Orange Walk Town just off a portion of the highway ‘paved’ by Imer. The eye sore being built or contracted to one Jaime Burns is quickly looking like an abandoned construction that is ready for demolition.

This mess of a building is really the brainchild of former and most recent BWSL Chairman and former UDP Chairman Albert August who is known to make mansions for homes. Why then are the people not given the same mansion type construction?

The new board at the BWSL is another of those bodies that will be looking into the RED shenanigans by Alberto August in his tenure at our water company.

Alberto August UDP’s Fake News Fountain to be Charged

Talking about deception, the same ex-Chair of BWSL and the UDP and now Secretary General of the UDP, Alberto August, will, according to reports, be charged in Cayo for “spreading false news.” The falsity is in a post he made a couple months ago about a person who had allegedly had been a victim of police brutality. It seem that the person was actually in an accident.

In another post now on a profile for Alberto August on Facebook, he seems to be sinking himself by alluding to “skeletons” and other matters like “Now you are forcing ‘your’ police, against their will, to arrest Alberto August.”

Time will tell what arises from what seem to be threatening words for this UDP that cannot seem to slough the idea of entitlement. The plan seems to be that August will present himself at the San Ignacio police station for his charge on Friday. The UDP will face the music for any and all laws broken.

In this case, the past Special Envoy’s Cyberbullying law should take on its full effect