Good Leaders


 By Gilroy Usher, Sr

 “Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, “What’s in it for me?” -Brian Tracy

(Pic Ian Cal) Development for the people requires persons who think of serving the entire community instead of themselves. Jobs, roads, housing, and other goods and services should available throughout a community instead of mainly in areas where persons with good political connection reside.

A servant of the people is concerned about the upliftment of his fellowmen with access to land, education, healthcare, and justice and other basic things for a better life. Such a person does not engage in corrupt or shady schemes for self-enrichment. True service and greed are incompatible.

National progress demands persons, who knows what must be done to correct the ills of a society. Such individuals should have a list of programs that must be implemented to make life better for the people, and they must have practical plans to turn those dreams into reality. A shepherd who relies on his flock for daily instructions to a better future is a failure. The blind cannot lead the blind. In a similar way someone cannot lead his community to a better future, if he cannot produce a roadmap to get it done.

Managing the affairs of a city or country is a huge and complex responsibility. The task requires persons with the best possible education. The minimum educational requirement to join The Belize Police Department is a high school diploma. Such requirement is necessary for the department to have competent officers who can do basic things such as to record a statement properly or serve as a witness in court.

Managing a municipality or a country is far more challenging and complex than carrying out the basic duties of a new police officer. It is therefore preferable that persons aspiring for elected office possess a minimum of an associates degree to ensure that they are up to the task at hand if they are successful at the polls. The days when the Belize Police Department could rely on recruits with only a primary school education has long passed. In a similar way the days have long passed when the public could rely on a politician with a high school diploma to manage the affairs a municipality or a country properly.

A servant of the people is also a people friendly person. Such an individual shows appreciation for everyone wherever they are. A servant of the people is comfortable meeting the people on the street, in upper class neighborhoods, and in marginalized communities with rundown parks, inadequate housing, gang warfare, poor streets, and lack of access to jobs and utility services especially electricity and water.

People have more confidence that someone will carry out his promises to improve their communities, when in seeking public office an individual puts his shoulder to the wheel as a vote getter. Such a person pulls his weight in ensuring persons are registered to vote and in ensuring that electors come out to vote in an election.

On Wednesday March 3 this year, Belizeans in all eight municipalities will elect a mayor and councilors to manage the affairs of their cities or towns for the next three years.

This essay outlined some qualities of a good leader to help ensure the best persons are elected to office in those elections.

From my assessment of the candidates for the municipal elections in little over a month, I am convinced that the governing PUP is offering the best candidates throughout the country, and strongly encourage the people to VOTE BLUE on Wednesday March 3rd.