Letter to the Editor: Farewell to Dr. Dame Minita Gordon


Dear Editor,

Finally, I mustered the courage to bid farewell to her Excellency, Dr. Dame Minita Gordon, Belize’s first woman Governor General and first woman Governor General in the Commonwealth.

Given her distinction and prominence, I have been quite disheartened by the manner in which the state had consistently treated her.

There is a huge gap in my knowledge of her, and perhaps other Belizeans, because after her invaluable service to this nation, and in one of the highest public offices, she was essentially disregarded. There was no feature of her after she left office, no appearance of her at official functions, no effort to preserve and sustain her social relevance.

I therefore, thank our Prime Minister, Hon. John Briceño, for honoring Dr. Gordon with this very fitting state funeral.

I also thank Dr. Gordon for inspiring me and for letting other little girls, especially from south side Belize City from which she hailed. I know and believe that all the high offices of this land are indeed achievable.

Her Excellency, Dr. Dame Minita Gordon, thank you for your services to Belize. May your soul rest in its eternal glory. 🕊


Proud Belizean Woman