Two important holidays are now on our nation’s calendar. George Price Day and Freedom Day.

George Price Day is a new holiday. It is the 15th January which is the day our Father of Independence was born.  This  important and progressive move by the new government will now give this and future generations a better understanding  of the unique human being who defeated British intentions to give Guatemala a portion of Southern Belize as the price of obtaining our  independence.

George Price represents so many important features of a leader and a human being. He was a humble man. He was also a practitioner of austerity, both in his personal life and in the workings of the government. He saved this nation millions of dollars by fighting waste and corruption. He will turn over in his grave this Friday 8th January when the new government shares with Belizeans the extra ordinary levels of massive corruption committed during the Dean Barrow rule.

We wish to suggest that whenever the Central Bank needs to print new currency notes, that the image of George Price be placed on our currencies. All our independent Caribbean sister countries feature their leaders and heroes on their currencies.

Put George price pan wi money!

Freedom Day: Another progressive move by Johnny Briceño and his Cabinet for making 1st August a national holiday. On 1st August 1838, slavery in Belize legally ended by virtue of legislation passed in the British Parliament. This was an annual event in Belize. Speeches, marches and music were all a part of the celebration for black Belizeans back then. Eventually the white colonial masters and their local bourgeois flunkies killed this important event in the history of our blessed little nation.

Freedom Day will now, each year, offer an excellent opportunity for creoles to better understand their history. To appreciate where we come from is to be better prepared for where we are going. If we could have survived slavery and colonial racism, we can survive anything.  Better must come.


Thanks to the initiative of our Police Minister Kareem Musa, two hundred and twenty five persons are presently being selected for training as police officers. Over a thousand young citizens submitted applications, nearly all are qualified. This is an indication of the desperation for work that has plagued our country. It should help to send a signal to all indiscipline and rogue police that dozens of young, qualified Belizeans are waiting to replace them.

In San Pedro, newly elected area representative Hon. Andre Perez has secured employment for nearly three hundred citizens in a call center that’s coming to the island. This is wonderful news and timely as tourism is not likely to make a comeback any time soon.

When the illegal boledo/crony and family hustling is straightened out, we can foresee plenty jobs for vendors and marketing agents as a national type lottery is put in place or in tandem with the popular boledo.


Guatemalan military entered the territory of Belize for the umpteenth time. This happened last Thursday morning 31st December, 2020. Their naval forces told Belizeans in the Sapodilla Caye area that they must obtain permission from Guatemala to be in the area.

Guatemala started entering Belizean territory by crossing into our half of the Sarstoon River and interfering with Belizean fishermen and boats. The UDP government at the time in 2015 was trying to keep it a secret, but thanks to activist Wil Maheia the nation was alerted.

Prime Minister Barrow promised he would send a strong diplomatic Note of protest. Later, Belizeans found out Barrow was telling Guatemala it was the fault of Will Maheia.

By contrast, Guatemala’s latest violation of Belizean sovereignty last Thursday was met with strong condemnation from Foreign Minister Eamon Courtney.

What a difference!


As the shocking revelations of UDP corruption and naked theft of public assets and monies continue to be exposed, the question is, when will the guilty ones be called up to answer?

In a television appearance Tuesday 5th January, Hon. Henry Charles Usher having listed some of the new government’s findings said in a somewhat sad tone of voice

– “the UDP destroyed this country”.

The UDP stole new batteries and tyres from government vehicles and switched them for old ones from private vehicles. Expensive government vehicles were sold to Ministers and cronies, for a pittance. Even furnitures and computers have gone from offices.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have disappeared in bloated contracts.

The public service is in a mess. So is the judiciary. The government is broke and cannot pay its salary bills but for borrowing a million dollars each day. Nearly fifty thousand persons have lost their jobs. The UDP had no plans to deal with Covid as deaths have now passed 250 victims. Even the Youth Hostel where a few unfortunate girls make residence, have been found to be neglected like so many other areas under government responsibility.

It seems only thieves and crookedness were thriving under Dean Barrow – Belize’s worst Prime Minister.

On Friday the House of Representatives will meet to table a Supplementary Budget. It will also provide an opportunity to the newly-elected officials and Ministers to report to Belizeans on the appalling state of affairs. Appalling is too mild a description for what has been done to the people and country of Belize.

For the four weeks leading up to the general elections of 11th November, Dean Barrow spent SIXTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS.

This money could have helped every needy Belizean for the next five years with money and groceries and house rent. Unemployment is now over sixty percent. Poverty has rocketed up to fifty five percent.

The nation is in crisis.

The people of Belize changed government just in the nick of time.  The ship of state is on the reef, battered by big waves in the midst of a storm. All hands are needed on deck.  All hands.


Because of the Covid situation the Supreme Court is considering whether to do a number of criminal matters without using a jury. Jury for all non-murder cases are nine citizens.

This may not be a healthy situation. Trial by jury is an essential, indispensable ingredient of dispensing justice.

Judge Herbert Lord is changing his Court room in Orange Walk. The accused Dock will be moved from the middle of the court to one side and the jury will be placed to the other side with enough seats to observe social distance. The judge, the jury, the accused and witness will be far apart from each other and will be behind full plastic areas in face masks for full protection.

The same is being done by Judge Moore in Dangriga and likewise can happen in Belmopan which has the biggest court room in the country. The same can be done for the two Belize City courts.


On the 11th November, 2020 the vast majority of Belizeans kicked out the dastardly UDP government, thus signalling a new change for the country.

Johnny Briceño is not Dean Barrow, Magali Marin Young is certainly not Michael Peyrefitte and Kareem Musa is not John Saldivar. We have a good, decent and progressive government with a strong mandate to change things of the past gangsters.

On January 4, social media went wild and local media blasted the latest sensation. Police “Mobile Interdiction Team” in military uniform with machine guns turned up at the home of Wilbert Vallejos and did a search. He was not home. They detained his mother.  They found sixty nine thousand dollars, a few pesos and some US currency.

This column does not support military type police and their Israeli/ Guatemalan/Salvadoran tactics. Police in regular uniforms should have served a search warrant which would say what was being searched for. Having sixty thousand dollars is not a crime. Detaining Vallejos’ mom is unlawful. She committed no crime. The F.I.U. got in the picture because the police called them after finding the money. F.I.U. will now search to try and find a crime and keep the money for years.

There is a lawful, professional way of conducting a search and entering the homes of citizens. The police returned when no adult was home and reportedly removed a computer.

The new government is a government of law and lawful conduct. The police have not gotten the memo. They still behaving as if Barrow is the PM.


This sounds like grounds for an inquiry. Nearly all the mental patients have been stricken with Covid at Palm Center in Belmopan—Twenty-one out of twenty-seven. In addition seven staff members.

How could that be?