THINK ABOUT IT(Jan 13, 20)




Patrick Faber is now the “Leader” of the Opposition.  He leads a rag-tag group of four politicians, make that three and a half.  As no-one expects anything from Sista B.  He couldn’t even get her to attend and contribute anything at the first meeting of the nation’s parliament last Friday.

Faber, seeking to grand stand said in the House meeting that he will not be defending any of the wrong doings, irregularities, stealing and corruption which occurred under the UDP government.

What a thing to say.

But what else can he say.  None of those things can be defended.  Most of them are criminal activities and violations of the law.

Worst, Faber was in government from 2008.  He was Deputy Prime Minister.  He was in cabinet for almost thirteen years.  The Constitution at Section …is clear, all Ministers are responsible for what is done.

Patrick Faber was an enabler, a facilitator a collaborator.  He aided and abetted everything that happened in the UDP government and Cabinet.  Everything that Dean Barrow did, including the government of the boledo and lottery and millions of dollars for TWENTY years.

There is a saying – the upholder is as bad as the thief.  Where was your voice Honorable Faber? What action did you take?  Which reform you put in place at the Lands Ministry, passport, customs, police, petro-caribe funds, or the Finance Ministry where all stolen and wasted monies passed through.  Did you insist on a proper function Public Accounts Committee? Did you insist that a certain amount of money be set aside for the proverbial rainy days?

Madam Speaker, don’t expect me/us on this opposition side to defend any wrong doings of the past UDP government.  That is NOT what you should be saying.

You should have said, Madam Speaker, I take much of the blame for Dean Barrow and what my fellow Ministers did to the people of this country.

I wish to offer a full apology for what happened and for my failure to speak out against it and to fight for what was right for this country and her poor, struggling people.

Patrick Faber, you let down yourself, and the good decent supporters of the sad, dishonourable UDP.


Charles Gibson was a public officer who spent his whole career at the Archives Department.  He is a quiet, non-descript person.

As the Barrow government wallowed deep in corruption and flagrant abuse of public office, the Prime Minister decided on some optics.  He appointed Charles Gibson to be a Minister of government.  Gibson was not a union leader, he was not an advocate of workers’ rights, nor was he a person who expressed any views on any matters.  He was appointed Minister of Public Service.  A golden opportunity to engineer some meaningful changes and improvements in the burgeoning bureaucracy.  He had access to Hubert Enriquez, Godwin Sutherland, Marion McNab, David Gibson, Beatrice Robateau and many other outstanding public service giants willing to see improvements.  Nothing happened.

Under Barrow this story repeated itself for Godwin Hulse and Carla Barnett, both more knowledgeable than Gibson but both never attempting, never achieved any changes especially at the Ministry of Corruption (Lands).

After the 2015 general elections, Gibson was appointed as chairman of the Public Service Commission.  We cannot fathom how such appointment could occur.  An open UDP person, ex-Minister in a UDP government, appointed to sit as head of the impartial office of Chairman of the whole public service where appointments, transfers, promotions, discipline and dismissals are to be done in an impartial manner under the Constitution.

The whole issue of impartiality and bias is thrown out the window, but Barrow did it and Gibson acquiesced.  No morals, no principles.  It was a shocking, unbelievable situation, but Barrow had been sabotaging every committee, commission, and institution established to act as checks to such activities, known, perceived or real.  Neither did he place public notices, warning voters of the criminal penalties or of doing such a worthless deed of transferring for money or love of party—All grounds for removal of Estevan; you didn’t carry out your responsibility.

The general elections results were not favourable to Estevan’s party.  Not by a mile.  Citizens by a whooping massive majority ran the UDP out of office.  Perrera wants to stay in office and continue as Chairman of election for the next four and a half years.  He even wrote a four page document posted on Facebook showing why the new Prime Minister and the Cabinet cannot remove him.  This is funny.

Funny, peculiar, not so much funny ha! ha!

Estevan has fallen into legal error, as the judges would say.

Apart from the written words of the Constitution, there are conventions which apply in tandem with most of the words and the spirit of the law.

An outgoing government cannot tie the hands of an incoming government.  Not only do conventions apply, but binding case-laws.

Since no research was done, only quoting the Section of the Constitution, we will offer a little guidance.  Don’t need to look far.  See the case of DWIGHT NEAL v MINISTER OF RURAL DEVELOPMENT, Belize Supreme Court Claim 261 of 2008.  Lois Young Barrow was arguing in support of Dean Barrow’s victimization of the then rural water board.  Anthony Sylvestre was defending the victimized board members.  Lois Young Barrow lost the case.

See paragraph 35, although the Claimants won against UDP victimization the Supreme Court said they should resign.

“The Claimants should have resigned… to give way to the current Minister responsible, to implement the policy of his government”.  They have not done so.  There is no sanction in the Court for their conduct.  That last sentence along with paragraph 36 does not apply to you sir, or Charles Gibson and the hundreds of UDPs cronies who are refusing to leave office.


Because the law goes further and there is the doctrine that balance against governmental abuse and Ministerial over reach.

Gibson sat in the chairman position for five years. Did nothing. He was reappointed not too long ago, for another five years. But in the November 2020, General Election, the Borrow mal-administration and all it stood for, were kicked out of government. Kicked out by a massive majority of citizens who became angry and fed up with the horrible conduct of the country’s affairs. One of which is corruption and waste has left the government so broke it cannot even pay for public officers’ salaries without borrowing.

Not a dollar was saved or money set aside for emergencies like flood, hurricane or Covid. It is a monumental crime and a goddam shame what Dean Barrow, his Minister’s, cronies and collaborators in the public service have done to the people of Belize.

The change of government has meant nothing to Charles Gibson. He continues to collect his fat salary. While sitting in an important position only because he is a UDP, appointed by a former UDP Prime Minister. The Accountant General’s department has hundreds of files for public officers who have retired over a year ago and cannot get their final letter from the chairman of the public service commission. This alone is grounds for removal from office.

We would wish to respectfully advise Mr. Gibson to go quietly into that good night, and not appear to be part of the obvious UDP strategy to undermine the new government and the people of Belize. For go he must, surely, he is sensible enough to know that.


Five months before general election, Estevan Perrera, a known UDP was appointed by Dean Borrow to be chairman of the election and boundaries commission. He succeeds UDP fanatic, Alberto August.

UDP political candidates were stalking up their voters list with bogus voters from other constituencies. Perrera spoke not a word about any contract or agreement purporting to better further executive action as unlawful and void.

The new government has a duty to untangle this mess of hundreds of UDP cronies occupying important positions all across important institutions. It is a problem and it will be solved. This is a guarantee.

Madam Speaker, Bill for an Act to undo the insidious Action of the outgoing Prime Minister.


Here is hoping that appointees to the various boards and committees will eschew allowances and credit cards. That is the way of the corrupt UDP. With poverty on the rise, there is something immoral for persons with employment to be collecting allowances for attending once a month meeting for a few hours.

The new Prime Minister is still driving his personal vehicle as a way of showing that in these times of austerity we all have to do our part.


As we enter a new year with all its uncertainties. The new government has to help focus the mind of the nation.

Precious monies can be saved if there is a war on waste on all public service department and ministries. Turn off lights and air conditions when leaving offices. Purchasing of a new vehicle for individual public officers has to cease. Like in George Price days such public officers would be given loans at minor interest rate to purchase vehicles. When used for official purpose, a monthly allowance is provided. Everyone has to work harder and produce more.

It is wasteful and immoral for us to be importing more than TWO HUNDRED MILLION dollars of foreign food and drinks. Imagine how many Belizean farmers, and fishers, and small businesses can benefit if we eat what we grow and grow what we eat.

This is an urgent task for Hon. Jose Mai and the new government. A public campaign must begin, national focus must be on agriculture, including backyard gardens. We must get serious with a sense of urgency. Posters and banners at every shop and supermarket. TV and radio infomercials to buy Belizean products. Talking thousands of jobs.

No more imported furniture’s, start off with local chairs and desk and doors. No more imported school bags, these can be sewn locally through women’s cooperatives. Imported jams, milk, and butter can be replaced. No more imported vegetables, fruits, nuts, beef and pork. No more imported water, juices.

Poverty is on the rise to unacceptable levels. So is unemployment. The situation is URGENT and CRITICAL.