Barrow’s Law: Studied by Pupil Faber


In a corrupted version of Murphy’s Law, Barrow and Faber have done for Belize any and all that is corrupt. They have left a sour legacy that even History cringes in having to evaluate. Everything Barrow and Faber breathed on got filled  with venomous fumes that reduced Belize to dire poverty, increased joblessness, rank corruption, obscene inaction in government and illegal misuse of public funds.

The UDP are totally against Treaties and new Laws that would expose their blatant inaction and being dismissive of the rule of law. Peyrefitte at the Senate barked: “Why do we need to ratify it(UN Convention)? That comment is so much like a person that is trying to deflect guilt and whose conscience is sputtering.

He and his bosses were happy to flout the rulings of the Caribbean Court of Justice which they themselves ultimately signed on to in 2010. The flouted the Finance and Audit Reform Act which they beefed up. Barrow publicly stated that he would not pay after rulings made against his government. In the same year, we hear of obscene contracts, overpriced buildings and hired cronies who do no work. We wonder if Barrow will ever pull out the factual guilt vs the legal guilt at this point.

When they hear that the Commission of 3 is sworn-in, the UDP is trembling and begging for their freedom. After 13 years of unabated corruption in their secretive dealings with the people’s money and assets and unapologetic incompetence in governing seamlessly, Patrick Faber, now in opposition, is staring straight down the barrel of a commission loaded with the intention of turning him and the UDP upside down and to proverbially shake out all there is to bring to the light for the world to see.

The Commission is headed by Senior Counsel Andrew Marshalleck, with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry represented by Marcelo Blake and the Public Service represented by Luke Martinez. At the Swearing-in there was professionalism and cool that would never be felt at a UDP press conference. The commissioners will do their jobs, present a report to the Prime Minister and then we move from there. Do not expect an Aldo Salazar type of inquiry. This will really be open with the only exigency of exposing the truth to the Belizean people.