Hon. Gilroy Usher, Port Loyola


U.K. abolished slavery in 1833, but kept our ancestors enslaved despite plea

With sabotage and resistance with the ultimate price in 1838, they were finally set free

Blacks rioted in Belize City in 1919 for betterment and denounced racism, poverty, and exploitation

Price, Goldson, and other revolutionaries demanded more development and an independent nation

We must all work hard to pass on a better country to the next generation


For greater progress each ethnic group needs a solid organization

The Garifuna and others have led the way; time for a strong Creole association

Rain or sunshine, we must harness the land, sea, air, and sun for our development

Gangs, crime, drug abuse, or blaming others won’t result in upliftment

Justice, jobs, education, and equal opportunities for all is our firm commitment



Like murderous gangs, we must also end police senseless killings and brutality

Courtesy, encouragement, and respect, we should always give to those in authority  

New factories, expanding businesses, and improved communities here and there

United as Belizeans, we must overcome challenges to our progress anywhere

August 2nd, Emancipation Day, we celebrate our freedom and progress everywhere.