FRONT PAGE August 1, 2021


Teen Vaccine

PlanBelize is All-Inclusive

Up next for vaccination: Belizean teens.. We all know that young people in Belize make up the majority of our population so this is a necessary step towards herd immunity. The Pfizer vaccine is coming and our teens will soon receive the much needed Covid-19 vaccination. The MHW team can hardly wait for the vaccine to land in Belize. Our high schools would thereafter be a much safer zone with both teachers and students vaccinated.

Belize’s portion of US president Biden’s pledged donation of vaccines to the world will soon be on Belizean soil and then into teenager’s arms. The Pfizer vaccine is one of two mRNA- type vaccines which are being used to vaccinate high school aged children. Millions of teens in the world have received this vaccine proving even further that the emergency use is largely successful. The United States has donated to us the Ultralow Temperature Vaccine Freezer necessary to store these vaccines.

Like clockwork the Briceño administration is moving its visionary parts in place as the economy begins to churn at a rate not even the most optimist of economists envisioned. The latest piece falling in place is the vaccination of our teens. Mathematics shows that our under-18 who make up more forty percent of the 420k population create a numbers problem when it comes to achieving a 70 percent fully vaccinated population necessary to achieve herd immunity. Again, the Pfizer vaccine is tested and approved for those 12 years and up.

Additionally, the UK has pledged 42,000 Oxford Aztrazeneca doses which will be added to our stockpile. Quick math shows that this is for 10 percent of our population to get one jab or 5 percent to get two–full vaccination.

Release: The Government of the United Kingdom has announced a donation of 42,000 doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine to the people of Belize. This donation to Belize comes as part of the wider pledge by the UK government to donate 100 million excess COVID-19 vaccines to developing countries.

Foreign Minister Hon. Eamon Courtenay and the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belize worked with representatives of the UK government, including Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon, UK Minister of State for the Commonwealth, and H.E. Claire Evans, British High Commissioner, and her team to secure the necessary doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine for the people of Belize. These vaccines will be utilized as part of Belize’s ongoing national vaccination rollout.

The Government of Belize expresses its gratitude to the UK government for this donation and for its support to Belize in its fight against COVID-19 and strongly commends the leadership demonstrated by the United Kingdom in vaccine development and ensuring equitable global access to COVID-19 vaccines.



The synergy between Tourism product of Belize and the pristine attraction of Belize’s marine wonders is a natural one. The vison of planBelize allows the natural innovation to germinate between ministries that cannot help but harness that energy. The efficacy of co-ministry work can only be reaped when, as in this case, two Ministers identify their similar goals and make a concerted move to capitalize on it. Such is the case between Minister of Tourism and Diaspora Relations Anthony Mahler and the Minister of the Blue Economy Hon. Andre Perez.

Release: July 24, 2021 – The management of our blue resources and economy along with marine tourism were improved with a collaboration between the Ministry of Tourism and Diaspora Relations and the Ministry of Blue Economy and Civil Aviation, with specific benefit for the Belize Fisheries Department’s management of marine resources highly utilized for marine tourism and recreation.

The collaboration came via the Sustainable Tourism Project #2, implemented by the Ministry of Tourism and Diaspora Relations. The project’s aim was principally to increase tourism expenditures, employment, and income through tourism product diversification; promote disaster and climate resilience and environmental sustainability in tourism destinations; while improving sector governance, and creating enabling conditions for private sector investment in overnight tourism.

Hon. Andre Perez thanked the sister Ministry of Tourism for the collaboration and remarked, “Marine Reserves are an important Fisheries Management tool as well as a conservation tool geared to support viable populations of threatened species, sustain coastal fishing communities as well as attracting significant blue economy investment and tourism to Belize. Marine Reserves are the key source securing for our economy and Belizeans life and livelihood, whether it being via fisheries development or tourism.”

The focus of the collaboration – the Caye Caulker Marine Reserve (CCMR) forms an integral part of the livelihoods of its villagers by safeguarding there traditional fishing practices and boosting it through tourism related activities associated with the reserve. Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are integral to sustainable use and management of our blue resources. In its 5-Year Blue Economy Strategic Management Plan, The Ministry of Blue Economy & Civil Aviation identifies ocean, marine and coastal tourism as one of the key pillars for collaborative economic development work. Blue economy and tourism are key economic pillars for Belize, providing jobs and foreign exchange earnings. The sectors are inter-related as tourism in Belize is highly nature based. Our marine and coastal resources are the central focus of Belize’s tourism marketing efforts. Blue Economy retains a high responsibility for the management and protection of critical ecosystem services to both the fishing and tourism sectors. Since the designation of a Ministry with focus for our blue resources and economy, the continued evidence based management of our marine protected areas represent a real opportunity for the continued generation of sustainable revenue streams in both sectors.

The InterAmerican Development Bank funded project worked with the Belize Fisheries Department via its Caye Caulker Marine Reserve management with investments focused on enhancing tourism infrastructure, boosting enforcement, and building on the monitoring and evaluation programs. The goal was to enhance the marine resources and tourism management and infrastructure, while decreasing the carbon footprint and provide for adequate visitor management. With that in mind, additional mooring buoys will be installed, additional procurement of equipment included a boat and engine; a Quadcopter Drone for effective patrols, GPS rangefinder to improve security and monitoring, along with waterproof binoculars, spotlights and flashlights along with uniforms and gears for the field management staff. This collaboration is a continuation of a previous initiative with support from the STP#2 Project for the development of a management plan, monitoring and evaluation tool for the Caye Caulker Marine Reserve.


Loser Saldivar vs Quitter Khalid

These two weirdo dumbos are trying to remain relevant by dumping out an unsanctioned convention to pick who Oscar Mira will trounce in 2025. The date will remain out of this paper as the circus often gets snagged with postponements galore.

Dermen must be wondering what went wrong with his protégés. Dermen infamously was letting John off with 25k $US monthly for some time period several years ago. Saldivar has tried to call this campaign financing that is not illegal in Belize. What is illegal is the bringing in of high volumes of cash without declaration. Dermen has recently been convicted of fraudulently getting hundreds of millions in biogas funds from the US government. What are the odds that Saldivar got of these monies?

Saldivar claims to have used this money to pay the light bills of his constituents.

Saldivar went on TV and other interviews claiming accepting the cash was all above board. He doesn’t see the problem. On November 11, as the first box from Belmopan was counted it was obvious that the people of Belmopan had a HUGE problem with John Saldivar. He is history.

Let’s end this story….

Who was bumming in on the ride and photographed with Dermen, Saldivar and others in Las Vegas and PGIA tarmac? Yes….the less than 72 hour Senator, seller of the hilltop and mansion builder Khalid Belisle. Yes…Khalid is a prototype UDP.

Trapp Family Affair

Hires: Father, Son, Nephew and UDP Ghost Workers to Town Workers

As promised UDP Mayor Trapp is attempting to be a dictator. One of the two UDPs that narrowly won this past March 3 in San Ignacio/Santa Elena is basking in practices that can only be called gross nepotism minced with conflict of interest—full-fledged corrupt acts.

The fab five PUP councillors have risen to the occasion and will make a move to terminate these lewd hires. A resolution will be tabled and voted for at their next council meeting.

The UDP has been quick to complain about PUP hiring hard working people while the UDP Mayor is hiring his family and cronies to do nothing all to the sound of crickets from the usual UDP union presidents.

UDP Mayor Earl Trapp’s son is procurement officer; Trapp’s Sr, the dad, is listed as a driver, other close relation are paymaster and IT Technician, then, others at smaller posts. Then, in the list it was noted that fired Ghost (in charge of nothing) workers who were at the Ministry of Works were quickly given a job by Earl Trapp. What do they do? This is an interesting question. Retired politician and Panama traveller exMinister of Works has nothing to do with this one.

Is Dean Flowers commenting here? This one is real hustle not like the make-believe stories on the PUP. All the PUP is doing is resurrecting a Belize left for dead by the UDP. Belize is up to get the Gold and the win for everyone. PlanBelize is underway and success will be higher than our best expectations. Mark these words.

Pantry Pirates?

Last we issued what can be called an introductory look into 41 page report of the ‘Performance Audit of the Pantry Program from April 2016 to March 2019’.

This one some of the months of the heyday of UDP basking in multiple hotbeds of rotten corruption that led to their demise as a party. They can be heard sputtering now and again in a circus-like yet zombified existence. Make no mistake Mr./Mrs. ex UDP, the authorities have the report in their hands and wrong-doing will be treated as such with all its consequences.

Ahead is a list of names of businesses and “NGO’s” that made up a part of the official UDP Government pantry program. Names of prominent Ministers led these NGO’s and it is clear who led the Queen Square political office. This infamy was spread all over the country. As said, more details from the voluminous report will be presented every week. We know that the biggest news is in the consequences. Was government regulation ignored criminally? We are waiting on that as well.

Please note that this was before the pandemic. What Mickey Mouses that were born during the first part of the pandemic under the UDP will surely become part of UDP rotten lore and corrupt infamy but that audit report will come much later.

VIEW THE LIST… It is easy to note those that were ´politically compromised’ to the max? You for me, Me for you…the name does not even sound logical. Follow this to next week.