Letter to BT Ed: Shyne Interview With Love


Dear Editor,

I watched in some disbelief as the Con Artist LOO Barrow was “interviewed” by original con artist himself….a foreigner who calls himself Love. Yes Belize, Love is his middle name. He never visited Shyne in prison so maybe this was farce was a bit of reparation—virtual reparation since he can fly into Belize.

I tried to keep up with the Trump-level farce but had to shake my head side-to-side over and over. The has-been previously known as Diddy or Puffy or Sean or something trying to follow a scripted interview with one LOO Jamal or Levi or Shyne or Moses.

The latter lies about having been in prison 21 years ago…no, he was in prison just 12 years ago…given probation and deported in late 2009.

Another fact, when Barrow shot the woman in the face, it was this same now ‘interviewer’ involved that night in the night club. At that time, he had some fame and somehow beat the rap. Shyne was convicted as he had put three persons in harm’s way. One Rueben, reportedly still has bullet fragments in the face…Google it.

So Moses called himself an outsider who was an insider or something like that.

He failed to say he and his aunt benefited from seats padded for easy wins using votes from all over the country. This gave victim Belize two Barrows still in the House.

Shyne called his move to kick out petty Patrick as a meteoric rise.

Shyne said that the government wants to change the law to prevent him, Shyne, from being Prime Minister.

Love launched an insult at Barrack Obama saying that Shyne answers questions better than the exPresident.

By now my neck was hurting with so much shaking.

I wonder if Shyne gave Mr. Coombs the Fat Joe shakedown. I think he did.

Shyne should find sanctuary and beg at the Ellysian or Equity.

The problem here is that he gives Belize a bad name every time he shows himself.

Yes, Belize is ashamed of Shyne; he is a Barrow… the same one whose legacy was rejected soundly twice in Belizean elections.

Thanks Editor, needed to say this.

People need to open their eyes, as sun up first thing dah mawning and during the day and whip the UDP even out of memory. They deserve to suffer as they made Belize suffer.



Feeling the Win