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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Hilly Bennett


Voice of the Common Man By Hilly Bennett ”Corruption is a violation of trust by those who to whom responsibilities and power have been delegated” --...
Hilly Bennett


by Hilly Bennett Agriculture has been at the foundation of Belize's development. It has survived natural forces of storms, floods, droughts and other pestilence. It...
Hilly Bennett

Voice of the Common Man

HEALTH: THE NATION’S FUNDAMENTAL NATURAL RESOURCES By Hilly Bennett Unquestionably, the launch of the People's United Party Health Policy on Wednesday August 26, 2020 is...
Hilly Bennett

Voice of the Common Man

A Glance at POVERTY AND CRIME AND VIOLENCE By Hilly Bennett Journalists have been reporting on the damaging impact, the useless violence in the streets of...
Hilly Bennett

Voice of the Common Man

IMPLODING WITHIN - SEDI DECAPITATES THE UDP By Hilly Bennett There's an unsettling feeling amongst the citizenry, that Belize, has become a failed state. The term...
Hilly Bennett


BELIZE - A KILLING FIELD? by HILLY BENNETT “Problems that are left unattended have a habit of becoming crises” “The wind whisper of fear and hate. We...

Six Days of Freedom: UDP Clueless on Fighting Crime

Weaponizing The State Of Emergency At light speed the most depressed section of the ‘Old Capital’ is being forced on lockdown. This part of Belize...
Hilly Bennett

Voice of the Common Man: SEDI’S EPIPHANIC MOMENT

Voice of the Common Man By Hilly Bennett On Thursday June 26, 2020 the House of Representatives met in Belmopan to consider several Bills and Loan...
Hilly Bennett

Voice of the Common Man: FIRE-SALE: PAYOFFS or PERIL

by Hilly Bennett “This is another indication of a loss of confidence in Belize’s economic future.” The announced acquisition of Scotiabank Belize Limited (SBL) by Caribbean...
Hilly Bennett

Save the Forest, Save the Planet

By Hilly Bennett When President Trump carried out the unilateral decision to withdraw from the Paris Accord it caused a stir among the global community...
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