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Monday, June 21, 2021
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Best is Yet to Come: Broken Promises(16 to 30)

Part II (16 to 30 of 44 Broken Promises, UDP Style) 1. Expand internet penetration to 50% countrywide Whatever does this mean? One of every two persons...

Best is Yet to Come: Broken Promises(0 to 15)

Part I (1 to 15 of 44 Broken Promises, UDP Style) # Broken Promise Outcome 1. Develop the Commerce Bight Port to support productive sector growth Talk, Talk, Talk 2. Construct a...

Bill of Rights

Let go of our Flag!!

GAF removing the flag from the Sarstoon Island, land that belongs to Belize. Yet they want cooperation at the ICJ. This is one that...

No to the ICJ


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THINK ABOUT IT (February 19)

DEAN BARROW IS LYING Dean Barrow is lying when he said he sold an expensive government vehicle to the President of the Court of Appeal...

Front Page Items

LOCK DEM UP!! COMMISSION TO LOOK INTO UDP’s SALE OF OUR ASSETS As early as September 2019 at the National Party Council, Party Leader then and...

Common as Rice and Beans

There seems a marked inequity in our justice system and the word on the street is that people have had enough.  There are countless...