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Party Leader’s Weekly Address

PlanBelize in Action

New Cabinet Sworn-In The new Government of Belize is moving forward with a precise destination—execution of planBelize for the betterment of the lives of all...

Hon. John Briceño during a University of Belize Virtual Town Hall

Party Leader’s Opening Remarks November 3, 2020 Good morning… Let me start by saying how grateful I am to be with you this morning.  I am especially...

’31 Standard Bearers Do Appeal to their Constituents’

Elections are next... Excerpts from Social Media Posts John Briceño, Orange Walk Central I can feel the energy of my people! I am more than ready to...

Address at the PlanBelize 9th Virtual Rollout

Party Leader John Briceño’s October 29, 2020 Tourism Ready for the World Transforming the Belizean economy will be a gigantic task and one that will not be...

9th Plan Belize Virtual Rollout: Tourism Policy

October 29, 2020...Join us on PUP Social Media Pages

PUP Launch of BLU Manifesto


Address at the PlanBelize 8th Virtual Rollout

Party Leader John Briceño’s October 20, 2020 Necesitamos JOBS; Turning the Economy Around Chris(Coye) laid out the case for all of us. The UDP government, with its...

PlanBelize Economy and Jobs


Address at the PlanBelize 7th Virtual Rollout

Party Leader John Briceño’s October 16, 2020 https://www.facebook.com/truebluepup/videos/734026400482512 LAND in Your Hands Our Plan Belize on Land is first and foremost to put Belizean land in the hands...
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THINK ABOUT IT (February 19)

DEAN BARROW IS LYING Dean Barrow is lying when he said he sold an expensive government vehicle to the President of the Court of Appeal...

Front Page Items

LOCK DEM UP!! COMMISSION TO LOOK INTO UDP’s SALE OF OUR ASSETS As early as September 2019 at the National Party Council, Party Leader then and...

Common as Rice and Beans

There seems a marked inequity in our justice system and the word on the street is that people have had enough.  There are countless...